Leveling and stabilizing concrete
with polyurethane foam

Mudjacking and Foamjacking Services

For the past 32 years, Mudpumpers Mudjacking has provided residential, industrial, commercial, farm and municipal concrete lifting services to the area. Family owned and operated, we are located in Moorhead, MN.  We have provided services in and around the Fargo-Moorhead region as well as in the Tri-State Area (Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota).  We offer 2 solutions to solve your concrete problems.  We can use the traditional Mudjacking, or we can use the more contemporary Foamjacking process.  Both are excellent ways to lift and/or fill cavities under concrete.  


We raise concrete and fill voids under concrete slabs using polyurethane expanding foam.  Foam is extremely strong, clean, and lightweight.  Foamjacking is an excellent application to raise and level streets, highways, & bridge approaches.  We apply foam in situations like filling under culverts in which the foundation has been eroded.  We also use foam to fix residential, industrial and agricultural concrete issues.  Our holes are only 5/8”.


We use a slurry of crushed lime rock and water to raise concrete and fill voids under concrete.  We can mix sand and/or Portland cement with the lime rock slurry for extra strength and durability.  We can raise and stabilize almost any piece of concrete.  Mudjacking is versatile and affordable.  We use 1” holes for this process.

Please give us a call at 218-233-2467 to learn more about our Mudjacking and Foamjacking services.

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